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Can your online community software do this? 


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Interact real-time in your online community

Members can now actively and instantaneously engage directly with each other in the content itself. 

Drive engagement across the organization

Attract new members and enhance their journey by complimenting your events, professional development and publications with meaningful, online interactions. The best community managers understand the value of blending online and offline engagement experiences across their organizations.

Capture the conversations around your content

Breezio helps you curate the content that’s most meaningful to your members.

Enhance learning with access to a community of knowledge

Breezio considers peer-to-peer online learning as integral to growing a community's knowledge. Your members will learn, share and collaborate seamlessly to stay current with best practices.

Extend the life of your events to deliver more value

Your conferences are often where your members will be the most engaged and connected all year. Breezio helps you capture that energy and create vibrant event communities where your attendees can reconnect with experts in real time, and stay engaged well beyond your events.

Get answers from experts and peers in real-time

Information is no longer a scarce resource, it’s wisdom that is now in high demand. We make it easy to discover subject matter experts to ask questions, learn, get feedback on your work, or talk to them in real-time through chat or video conference.


Online Communities


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Community Features

Customized Homepage

Build a finely customized community homepage to impress your audience and build your brand

Content Publishing

Build a knowledge network by allowing members to publish multi-media content - blogs, articles, videos, and more

Discussion Forum/AMAs

Spur conversations with discussion forums and live ask-me-anything sessions

Chat + Video Meetings

Communicate with fellow members in real time

Member Networking

Allow members to showcase their content and skills through social profiles

Video Content

Publish video content and spur engagement via deep conversations aligned with the video timeline

Resource Library

Build a library of multi-media content to capture community knowledge


Keep on top of mind with mobile, desktop and email notifications



Content Collaboration


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Content Features

Multi-media Articles

Publish articles with rich text, video, images and other multi-media

Smart Parsing

Simply copy content from third party sites, and Breezio automatically parses and formats your content

Video Content

Publish video content and spur time-synched conversations around it


Allow members to create blogs and share them with others

In-line commenting

Discuss specific aspects of the article with in-line comments

Group chat

Allow members to have group chats around content


Collaborative Learning


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Learning Features 

Publish learning content

Publish learning content with rich text, video, images and other multi-media

Smart course builder

Build courses which consist of a series of multi-media lessons. Courses may be customized for each learner

Video lessons

Publish video content and spur time-synched conversations around it

Search & Tagging

Allow learners to easily access desired content with deep search and tagging

Live video sessions

Have live interactions with video and audio

Live chat

Chat with experts and fellow learners in real time

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