Publish content and foster rich conversations



Multi-media content publishing

Encourage members to share their knowledge with super simple publishing tools for articles, blogs, videos etc. 

  • Create articles with multi-media content
  • Instantly import content from other sources
  • Create videos with time-line synched conversations
  • Publish blogs

Crowdsource content from your membership

Breezio's co-authorship tools allow members to work together to constantly refine the quality of your content.

Real-time content collaboration

As members view your content, Breezio allows them to get together and collaborate right then in real-time.


Content Features 


Multi-media Articles

Publish articles with rich text, video, images and other multi-media

Smart Parsing

Simply copy content from third party sites, and Breezio automatically parses and formats your content.

Video Content

Publish video content and spur time-synched conversations around it


Allow members to create blogs and share them with others

Video/Audio Meetings

Have in-person interactions with fellow members.

Group chat

Allow members to have group chats around content

In-line commenting

Discuss specific aspects of the article with in-line comments

Video comments

Have comment conversations around specific moments in videos.


Keep on top of mind with mobile, desktop and email notifications