Peer-to-peer e-learning network for organizations



Build online courses and curricula

Publish multi-media learning content and build courses and learning paths. Courses can be customized to each learners level and personal preferences!

Learn together, teach together

Breezio is a democratic peer-to-peer learning network. Members who display their competence in the community earn badges and are designated as experts. Everyone has instant access to experts.

Help each other in real time

As members view your content, Breezio allows them to get together and collaborate right then in real-time.


Learning Features 


Publish learning content

Publish learning content with rich text, video, images and other multi-media

Smart course builder

Build courses which consist of a series of multi-media lessons. Courses may be customized for each learner.

Video lessons

Publish video content and spur time-synched conversations around it


Members who display competence earn badges and get designated as experts

Live video sessions

Have live interactions with video and audio.

Live chat

Chat with experts and fellow learners in real time

Learning network

Browse profiles and connect with experts and fellow learners

Resource library

Upload and share resources with the community.

Search & Tagging

Allow learners to easily access desired content with deep search and tagging