The American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) created Plantae to build the digital ecosystem for the plant science community. They chose Breezio to enable their members to engage beyond forums, enabling live interactivity around all of their content in the digital ecosystem, including journals, blogs, videos, and document resources.

Plantae won two prestigious awards in 2018 in recognition of ASPB's exemplary use of online community: an Excellence in New
Communications Award from the Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board and a Gold Excel Award from Association Media & Publishing.

Breezio isn't like other online community platforms. Being able to have discussions around content, instead of just in forums, makes Breezio the best system we’ve seen for enabling true member collaboration. Whether it's feedback on a grant proposal, learning new skills through seminars, participating in discussions that contribute to work-plans and strategies - the Plantae Breezio community is the place to do it all.

Susan Cato American Society of Plant Biologists

Susan Cato


PLOS came to Breezio to create an online scientific community around scholarly publishing with the goal of fostering open, real-time Peer Review on journal submissions to advance the pace and availability of scientific research.

The first ever PLOS iGEM Realtime Peer Review Jamboree proved to be a great success in fostering open communication to improve science. With citizens of 17 countries taking part, it showed the global nature of science, and how providing an open platform like Breezio, and by encouraging constructive and positive feedback and debate, open community review can be a great success.

Nathaniel Gore PLOS

Nathaniel Gore